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Braille Formats Certification

In 2011, the Braille Authority of North America (BANA)adopted a major revision to the textbook formatting code, making much of the content of our NBA Braille Formats Course and Exam no longer accurate.  As a result of these major revisions and their impact on our material, NBA had temporarily discontinued the sale of our course and exam.

We are pleased to announce that the NBA Braille Formats Study Guide is available for purchase from our online store.  This study guide replaces our former Braille Formats Course and is based on the new 2011 BANA Guidelines for Braille Textbook Formatting.

Additionally, as of January 2014, the newest exam based on these codes is now available. For more information and to get certified, download the below application and mail it in to our offices with your payment.

Braille Formats Exam Application Form