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Store Log-In Instructions

NOTE: The log-in for the "Ask An Expert" forum is entirely different from the store front. Your forum login and password will NOT work for the store.

We apologize for the potential confusion regarding the log-in process. The difficultly in pre-populating the user names for the store lies in being able to recognize current members to provide you the discount associated with your membership. We want to be sure you're receiving all the benefits of being a celebrated NBA member.

To log in to the NBA storefront for the first time:

Users who are not current NBA members:
1. Visit "Member Sign-In" and click on "Create an Account"
2. Follow these steps to create your store log-in account

Users who are current regular members or Life Members:
1. Please contact the NBA office by phone Monday through Friday at 585-427-8260 or email: nbaoffice@nationalbraille.org to obtain your login and password. Be sure to include your full name and address. You will receive your personal Username and password at that time.
2. Once you have successfully logged in, please change your password to something that is secure and that you will remember.

 Click here to visit the store!