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For over 70 years, our mission has been to provide continuing education to those who prepare braille. In our industry, where standards are sometimes swiftly modified, it is essential that braille transcribers remain on the cutting edge of important updates and information. Becoming a member of NBA will not only ensure that you remain abreast of the most important information regarding your duty to providing high quality accessible materials, but also solidify your commitment to a rewarding role in serving braille readers. Whether you are a 40-year veteran of the industry or just beginning to learn the basics, a professional association membership will help provide you with the tools necessary to be successful.

Your membership will provide you with the following valuable benefits, exclusively available through NBA:

    • Unlimited access to our unique ‘Ask An Expert’ online forum: Our technical support forum is broken down in to learning disciplines like ‘UEB’ and ‘Tactile Graphics’, etc. If you are learning how to braille something and aren’t exactly sure you understand a rule or how to apply it, current NBA members can post their questions and one of our Experts will provide guidance.
    • Access to our quarterly published professional journal: Four times a year our Bulletin is published featuring original articles created by our team of Experts from around the U.S. and Canada. Current NBA members will receive the Bulletin which features skills articles from each area of braille transcription, updates from our BANA representative and other industry news.
    • Access to the ‘Members Only’ section: Members who are logged in to our website will have access to an entirely new section not made available to the public that includes tools we think will be useful in your daily work.
    • Special Rates On Professional Development Conferences: Members who attend any of our Professional Development Conferences will get a discount on registration. Additionally, our Mary Archer Scholarship is available to help cover some of the expenses associated with any member attending their first conference.
    • Discount On Publications: NBA Members will receive a special discount on many of the publications purchased through our website store.

Membership Options

Each membership level below includes delivery of our Bulletin in your choice of the following formats: print, braille, disc, or digital.

*Student Membership includes the same privileges as a regular membership and costs only $30.00 per year. To qualify for student membership, the applicant must satisfy one or more of four conditions: (1) must be enrolled in a braille transcribing course in a high school or college, (2) must be enrolled and participating in the literary transcribing course of the National Library Service of the Library of Congress, and/or (3) must be studying literary braille transcribing in a formalized arrangement with a certified transcriber as a teacher, (4) or incarcerated and preparing braille from a correctional institution. (Includes certified transcribers who are currently incarcerated.)