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Hi Kyle,

I notice that in your answer to two-three-six's #1 above, you did not reference the change to the rule about units of measure which, in an 8/3 post, you refer to as  "the as-yet-unpublished updates to the our Guidance (which Dorothy Worthington talked about in her recent NBA webinar, “Update to the Guidance for Transcription Using Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts. What Has Changed?“)."

I realize that the change would not apply to this particular example, but it made me wonder …  has the update been published? if not, when, and is it wrong to be applying it in advance? I have been following the updated rule since listening to that webinar; premature, perhaps, but it since it so neatly clears up the question of what and what not to include in the switches, I couldn't resist 😉