National Braille Association, founded in 1945, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing continuing education to those who prepare braille, and to providing braille materials to persons who are visually impaired.

Your support helps contribute to our mission of ensuring that braille readers everywhere receive high quality, consistently formatted braille.


As each year passes, it becomes increasingly more difficult to reach our goals while keeping the costs to our members and customers to a minimum.  This is a challenge that many non-profit organizations face in an ever-changing economic landscape where currently the cost of doing business is increasing and the number of donors is decreasing.

With the adoption of Unified English Braille in 2016, our efforts to help transcribers understand the complex task of properly transcribing material for blind and low vision readers is more challenging than ever. Through new and expanding services, we are helping more transcribers and teachers of the visually impaired than ever before.  We are proud that this is being done without an increase in the cost of products and services.

In order to continue fulfilling our mission in the manner described above, we need your help.  A charitable donation...

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Silent Auction

A Silent Auction is held annually during our Professional Development Conference. Your contribution of a good or service will be placed among the items to bid on during the auction.


We are grateful to those who help by sponsoring our Professional Development Conference each year. Businesses have various opportunities to help by supporting our flagship event.


By joining as a member, you will be contributing to our goal of providing education and professional development to braille transcribers and teachers of the visually impaired.

You'll receive access to an array of benefits designed to make you more knowledgeable and efficient in your work.

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