NBA Training Bureau

The National Braille Association is pleased to make braille-related training available beyond the constraints of our professional development conferences.  An agency (e.g. school district, state agency, braille production center, prison braille program, etc.) is able to request on-site training for braille transcribers and teachers in their area.  As the single point of contact, the NBA National Office will coordinate all aspects of the event with the requesting agency and the instructor.

If you are interested in learning more about how the Training Bureau’s services can work to educate your transcribers and TVIs, feel free to be in touch using the form below. Answering a few questions about the needs of your organization will help us determine how best to reply about costs and availability.

Training Bureau

Contact Form for Training Bureau inquiries
  • Please provide us a general idea on how many transcribers will be attending the training
  • Please tell us the type of training that your group is interested in. (e.g. UEB, Tactile Graphics, Music Braille, etc)
  • If you have specific dates that you'd like your training, or even if you have a general range, including that would be helpful for us.