• Braille font are supported for display and posting on Ask an Expert. In order to view the braille fonts on NBA’s Ask An Expert, you must have the correct fonts installed on your system. The braille fonts supported by Ask An Expert are SimBraille and Braille from BRL2000.

    If you are a current user of Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) for Windows, you will already have the SimBraille font installed on your system. Similarly, if you are a current user of Braille2000, you will already have the Braille from BRL2000 font installed on your system.

    In order to obtain the Braille from BRL2000 and Simbraille fonts (if you are not a current user of either program), you must install the evaluation versions of the software. After downloading the evaluation versions, the fonts will be automatically installed on your system. Please click on the links below to bring you to the download page for the evaluation versions of each software program.

    If you have any problems installing either of these fonts on your system, please call the National Braille Association headquarters at 585-427-8260.