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Lindy Walton

This is one frame within a video that I expect has been building up to this point where the answer is finally revealed.

Transcribing the math itself is straightforward in the Nemeth Code. (Note that the first numeral, 6, seems to be mostly gone from this screen.) However, to show precisely what is printed, tactile lines must be drawn for the curved lines, the horizontal brace, and the vertical line that demonstrate the moving decimal point and the long division process. An alternate method would be to explain what you see here in a transcriber's note. In order to do that, however, you need to understand the math. It is not the transcriber's role to teach the math. It might be helpful to the student to have the process explained by the teacher and then inserted as transcriber's notes by the transcriber, if this is what is being asked of you.

The colors cannot be replicated. They seem not to be significant. I don't know what the orange and purple squiggles are above the 2 in 25.

The underlining of "63" must be from a demonstration earlier in the video. I would disregard the underlining.

The cancelled 3 in the partial product and the "10" that is dropped down is unusual and may not translate well to braille.

I don't expect my response is what you were hoping for. Powerpoint demonstrations and videos are difficult and time consuming to try to reproduce on a stand-alone piece of paper.

I invite others to chime in on this topic. What would you do?


- Lindy