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Chris Clemens

Hi Joanna,
Sorry I did't get back sooner. (I did not receive a notification that the reply was posted) Thank you for your reply. I was discussing this question with other people, one transcriber, one blind proof reader. But got more confused.
The book is in English, telling about the life of a Dutch lady. Because of that, here and there you have the occasional Dutch word or name, such as of a street or town. According to the Instruction Manual whenever the name/word is in regular typeface, I should use contractions. Meaning I would use the ed contraction and the st contraction in the word Smedestraat, and also in the name of the town: Haarlem; use the ar contraction. Correct?

Now here is where the confusion arises with my friends mentioned above. When I look in the Braille Formats book (Principles of Print to Braille transcription) Rule 1 6c (1) I read that the words should not be contracted, and contractions must not be used in any proper name.
I know, it is stated at the first paragraph of Rule 1 6 (Foreign material in English context) that this rule applies only to the transcription of foreign words and phrases that appear in English educational or instructional materials.
(My friends do text book transcription.)
So, in literary braille: use contractions, in text book: don't use contractions?

Thanks for your help.