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Chris Clemens

[quote=gbruning]I have been given the easy task of brailling something in Grade 1, however, my question is in formatting this. The student is in 1st Grade and just learning braille.

There is a '-ash' at the top right corner of the print page that they want on the page, there is a centered title of the poem, and the poem which is followed by '-Linda B. Ross', the author.

I have centered the title of the poem, I have each line starting in cell 1 (there are no runovers), and I put the authors name in cell 4 with 2 dashes (3 6). I do not know where to put the '-ash' they want on the braille page, should I put it in cell 1 on line 1, followed by a blank line and the centered heading (followed by a blank line or not?). Then, am I doing the authors name at the end correct, or should I do it differently?

My biggest concern is doing it wrong for a student who is just learning!

Thank you!