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Chris Clemens

Yes, you would use braille symbols to create a number line in a Grade 6 textbook. However, your braille is incorrect. The scale mark and the first digit of its numeric label should be aligned. If the label is a fraction, the opening fraction indicator should be aligned with the scale mark. Do not divide the components of a fraction between lines. Since there appears to be no distinctive marker (such as a solid circle) in the print, there should be none in braille. Because there is no distinctive marker, I believe I would put the fractional value 12/16 below the number line where the other values are. If for some reason this value needs to be above the line, it should be aligned the same as those below the line. All of the components of the number line must be listed on the Special Symbols page

A long number line may be divided between braille lines if no other method will allow it to be contained on one line. A scale mark is the first thing on the runover line and is indented 2 cells to the right of the beginning of the original line. So if your number line starts in cell 1, the scale mark of the runover line will be in cell 3.

I couldn't get the braille font to align when I put it directly into this message, so I have attached a word document to demonstrate my points.
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