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Chris Clemens

I encountered another case, this time the dotted slur covers 6 notes, I assume that double slur opening sign (dots 5, 456, 14, 14) and double slur closing sign (dots 5, 456, 14) can be used. Will the editorial marking sign also work with bracket slur? (dots 5, 456, 56, 23) for opening and (dots 5, 456, 45, 23) for closing?

Example 27-13 on page 377, ("Introduction to Braille Music Transcription" book, , "A slur between in-accord parts" section) the slur sign is (dots 46, 456), but in Table 12, "slur from another in-accord part" sign is (dots 46, 456, 14). Are "a slur between in-accord parts" and "slur from another in-accord part" the same thing? Is there an example for "slur from another in-accord part"?

One more question, are octave marks needed at the beginning of measure 2, 3, and 4? because they follow an in-accord measure?