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Chris Clemens

[quote=bbossard]I'm transcribing a Writing Graduation Demonstration Exam. They give a 7 sentence paragraph. This particular paragraph is about [u]The Hobbit[/u]. The questions that follow refer to the sentences of the given paragraph. My question is if the word 'to' (the last bold word within the question) ought to be uncontracted to avoid confusion or if it should be contracted and connected to the following word (best). My instinct is to spell it out uncontracted and leave a space since it is an embedded phrase within the question. Thanks ~ Ben

28. In sentence (3) how is the phrase The Hobbit, the story of Bilbo Baggins' adventure leads up to best written?

Hi Ben,

The phrase appears to be emphasized and there is no rule that I am aware of that would indicate the need to uncontract the word to. If you terminate the emphasis, the blind reader will understand the emphasized phrase and realize that "best written" is not part of the emphasis.
Hope this helps. 🙂