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Chris Clemens

[quote=julie.sumwalt]Does anyone out there use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to make tactiles? I'm brand-new to these programs and could use some help from a braillist's perspective, if I could contact you directly.


Hi JUlie: I just purchased Adobe Illustrator to do the tactile graphics. I have started listening to the tutorials. Do you have information on how to do line graphs? I need some simple steps. Do you use Braille 29 for the words and do you enter the words first and then the graph? I am talking about the title line, page number, Chapter, title of graph, etc. Do you do the actual graph and the entering of the words with Adobe or do you just cut and paste? How do you control the margins? I have so many questions so any information will be greatly appreciated? my email address is

Thank you, Linda