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Chris Clemens

Venn diagrams are most often found in math textbooks, where they are showing overlapping data, and often the student is asked to place information within the diagram. This seems to be more simply a comparison of the lives of two individuals. If it is not in a mathematics context, I'm not sure that you would have to create a tactile. Could the information not have been shown in print as a table? Is this just a design technique used in the print edition, or are there questions or information given that indicate it must be shown as a Venn diagram? However, since you have said that you want to include this as a Venn diagram, I have worked out a [u]possible [/u]solution and attached it.
I don't think that mathematically there is any reason why the comparison couldn't be made using a vertical overlap (rather than horizontal). Nor do I think that it is essential for the containers to be perfect circles or ovals. The proposed tactile guidelines do suggest that two different types of lines be used. Creating a key, makes it more difficult for the reader to interpret the graphic. If you were going to use a key, I think that each of the points should be keyed separately, with perhaps the headings in the ovals.
Take a look, and see if you think this might work for you.