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Chris Clemens

Gil, thank you for sending the print. I did not have a good picture in my mind of what your are transcribing. If you tried to attach your braille, it did not come through, but I think I understand what you are saying.

I think you have two separate kinds of presentation.

Where there are no roman numerals, I think you should use horizontal figured bass format, as in 27.1 through 27.15. Note that you must use the figured-bass prefix instead of a hand sign. The notes of the RH line do not have to be aligned with the notes of the LH (except at the beginnings of measures. of course.) That would apply to those pages M74.1-M74.3. In these assignments, the student is actually learning how to play from a continuo part.

Where there are roman numerals, you have to use a vertical format, of course. For models, I'd use Example 27.20-1 with single-line examples and 27.25-1 (with only one line of analysis) for the two-staff examples. In this format be sure to show hand signs instead of the figured-bass prefix.