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Chris Clemens

Dear Larry,
I have finished the project, in a sense. I am now working on the corrections sent today from the people for whom I was doing the work. You said that it was not necessary to align the right hand and left hand parts in figured bass exercises, but I am afraid that you meant in the horizontal format. Unfortunately, I took DeGarmo at her word and used the vertical format because she said, "... the vertical format is preferable for theory texts, examination papers, and related materials ... " As this is a course outline, I went with the vertical format because she had said that the horizontal format is recommended when transcribing actual compositions, which these aren't.
Now I'm worried that I'm going to have to go back and align all the right and left hand parts throughout the course outline, which will be a monumental job for which I won't get paid any extra. However, I want to do what is correct. The people in Canada seem to be nervous about the fact that I didn't align the right hand parts with the left hand so that the figured bass notations are in line with the right hand as well as the left hand notes.
I hope you will see this pretty soon as I am supposed to go to a funeral in the north of the state on Friday and may make the Canadians angry if I have to do a realignment and can't begin until Monday.
Please explain the exact procedure for attaching a file to one of these inquiries.

Thanks... Gil