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Let me see if I can offer some clarification here. Rule II.10.b speaks to emphasizing names of ships, titles of books, publications and the like. Those things are emphasized because they are names.

With regard to Instruction Manual Lesson 15.1.d, the emphasis is on a series or group of words. You always see names (titles) of books, ships, etc. in a different font that the surrounding text because these things are titles. With regard to the names of birds, it would not be necessary to emphasize the bird names if they were not emphasized to begin with. This example is showing you that in such a grouping you would not need to identify (emphasize) the names individually. These are types of birds, not names (proper names) of birds ... with hotels, the emphasized words are the hotel names ...

If you are still confused, remember, you are going to always follow print. If there is no emphasis, you don't use emphasis. If there is emphasis, you need to emphasize in braille. If you are talking book titles, or proper names of ships, or whatever, you need to look and determine if such items can be emphasized using a double emphasis (for more than 3 consecutive words), or if they each need to be emphasized individually, as in book or publication titles.

I'm afraid I can't emplain it any better.