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Your question: In the following example, there are three displayed equations solved within itemized material. Although they are not linked expressions, should the solutions to each equation be placed as runover in cell 7 anyway? Or, because they are not linked, should each line start in cell 5 with no runovers? How does the student know that a new equation has begun without some indention to separate the different expressions? Which solution is correct?

I would not agree with changing the margins as you did in your first proposed solution. The indentation is correct in the second proposed solution. However, you [u]could[/u] insert a blank line between them, to represent the vertical line which print uses to separate them. In this way, the reader would clarly know when each new equation was started.
There is really nothing in the code to address this, and sometimes you just have to use your best judgement.

I hope this helps ...