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I truly appreciate the situation. The new Formats rules are under BANA review. When that process if completed, the FL rules will follow. The new FL rules will also need to be revised to conform to the new Formats rules as much as possible.

For now, continue with the current NBA publication. However, if you find a situation that is not covered adequately by the current FL rules (Glossaries at the back of the book, Glossaries and lists of translations within lessons or chapters, etc.) you can consult the new rules, which are are authorized for use by BANA with the understanding that those rules may eventually change at the time of adoption and publication. However, any of those new rules will be correct at the time of transcription. Please do not hesitate to post such situations here and we will provide a valid suggestion based on status at that time.

The situation is in flux right now. BANA understands this.