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Kindergarten – Grade 3 The new Tactile Graphic Guidelines state that for readers in kindergarten through grade 3, objects should NOT be represented using braille symbols, i.e. do not use the shape indicator [simbraille]$4[/simbraille] for a square shown in print. In all instances for grades K-3, shapes should be show as a tactile graphic. Full braille cells should not be used for the creation of bar graphs in K-3.

Grades 4 and up The only instance in the TG Guidelines where braille symbols are used for an outline (box around text) is in the example of how to present a box around a digital clock. The perimeter of a digital clock should be included in the presentation as an outline around the numbers. The outline can be shown either as a spur wheel outline or represented by a series of unspaced braille symbols for grades 4 and up.

The TG Guidelines do not recommend using braille cells/symbols to make simple tactile graphics (simple boxes) at any grade level. Another example of when braille symbols can be used is to represent the lines in XY Cartesian Coordinate graphs, number lines, or stem and leaf plots.

If you want to send me an example of what you are specifically referring to, I will give you my opinion as to how it should be presented. Let me know if you have any further questions. I've attached a file showing the braille symbols that can be used for the outline around a digital clock with examples in simbraille.