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Chris Clemens

Sorry, your solution here is not clear to me. The formatting for each of these items is different so when you say you have placed the English word on the same line, I have to ask, on the same line as what? I can't tell from your description how clear it is to the blind reader what the English word refers to. And I can't tell what English words you have used. The first items, Canta has 4 monkeys. I can't tell from your description what your TN says about the monkeys. Do you just say, "Monkey,"? or do you describe anything about them?

The second picture is of a different type. I also can't tell what you have said about that either.

I appreciate that you have sent the print. That is absolutely necessary. But in this case, I think I need to see the braille too so I can see how you are proposing to handle this.