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Chris Clemens

I disagree about brailling that first section as columns. This is another instance of brailling something by what it LOOKS like, rather than by what it IS. I think this section could be easier to read if formatted a little differently. I see this as a list that happens to be printed to LOOK like columns.

Masculine Noun (cell 5 heading)
The sentence in 1-3.

Feminine Noun (cell 5 heading)
The sentence in 1-3.

The text on the left actually IS a heading to the material it applies to.

Is there a right and wrong about this? Not really, especially in this case. But that is how I would do it. I am not impressed with print that LOOKS like columns unless the material really columned material. Marginal notes are often printed to look like columns too. Doesn't mean they are.

Please see my previous response about inserting two spaces for that translated material at the bottom of the page. I've already covered that. I also mentioned that I don't think it is a table at all.