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On the vocabulary list and illustrative sentences at the bottom of the page-- Section 71b in the Interim Manual has been modified. This type of vocabulary list has a colon inserted between the foreign language and the English translation. Do no use two spaces--just a colon with one space after it. Ignore special typeface that designates language. This is also in the new rules under review and is authorized for use by BANA at this time. Understand that this might be ultimately changed when the new rules are published, but it is valid now.

I changed my mind about columns. This is not a table, but it is useful to treat it as related columns. Use stairstep with the vocabulary word and translation in cell 1 (there won't be any runovers) and the appropriate sample sentence blocked in cell 3. See page 77 in Braille Formats. You can refer to first column and second column in the transcriber's note, since there aren't column headings here.