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Your question:
There seems to be no clear indication of what exactly qualifies as being a “Mathematical Expression” when it comes to using italics or bold in Nemeth. I know that obvious things like numbers and variables qualify, but are “Cos” and “parallel” mathematical terms if not part of an equation and just in the body of text?

the distinction of a mathematical expression does not matter with bold. The boldface indicators are always used if the text or expression is bold. For italics I would say that a word is not mathematical. [… an italicized phrase which both begins and ends with a word …] An abbreviated function name is mathematical if it occurs in a mathematical context §37.xv

Regarding your question about the "linked expression", I did consult with the math chair and we agreed:

"The hypotenuse equals:" would not be 7/9. It is embedded as part of the itemized paragraph that is 1/3.

Without an anchor, I think it is not possible to have a link -- it must be linked to something. The solution is displayed and each line should start in cell 5.