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Chris Clemens

I used Duxbury most of the time. I like that I can do most of my formatting and editing in Microsoft Word using the Bana template.
Then I import the Word file into Duxbury. When it is in Duxbury print you can further edit if you need to. Once the file is ready you translate to braille.
There is a strip along the bottom that shows each line in print and you can make the codes show up by depressing alt+f3. If you need to go back to your original document (print) you can exit out of the braille and go back. (not back translate) However the changes you make to the braille won't have been made in the print. So make sure that you keep track of changes you want to make if you go back. It is helpful if you read braille, to check your formatting once you have translated to braille. You can work in smaller sections and cut and paste them together, but I find proofing in the braille helpful.