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Lindy Walton

I had to do some internet research to see just what these algebra tiles are all about.

Because this is an activity using manipulatives, it makes sense to reproduce the examples as tactile graphics, keeping the shapes and the layout exactly as shown in print, perhaps moving the location of the black arrows so as not to clutter the diagram. Including the letter and numeral labels creates problems with sizing. A nice solution is to make a key showing the three shapes and what they represent. Two textures will differentiate the two same-sized squares. For example:

[rectangle] [braille];X (GRE5)
[smooth square] [braille]#1 (YELL[)
[rough square] [braille]-#1 (R$)

Then proceed with the tactile.
I support ignoring the outline of the tan mat but the white mat borders are necessary to delineate the different tile groupings. (Section 3.7.2 of Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics says: "Frames or borders found around many print diagrams should be eliminated unless it provides a frame of reference.")

I would align the equal sign with the top row.
I would use the normal recommended space (1/8"-1/4") between tiles and around the circled tiles in "algebra tiles 2."

--Lindy Walton (Committee Member)