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Lindy Walton

Hello. Thank you for providing the print page. I will start with your last question. Format for author/editor comments is not a Nemeth Code rule. Several suggested layouts have been offered by Nemeth transcribers over the years. The one you are following (where the comment begins on the next line and is blocked two cells in from the current runover cell) works well here. However this is not the only method I have seen used. Choose a method and be consistent within your transcription. Explain your treatment of the side comments on the Transcriber's Notes Page.

Yes, since the linked expression in Example 2 follows 3/1 narrative, and that linked expression is one which follows the special margins introduced in Sec.189b of the Nemeth Code, the anchor will be in cell 3, links in cell 5, runovers in cell 7, and so the comments can be blocked in cell 9.

I disagree with your analysis of Example 3. The linked expression in Example 3 follows the continuation of 1/3 itemized narrative ("So, a rule for the nth term is:"). The anchor will be in cell 5, links in cell 7, runovers in cell 9, and the comments should be blocked in cell 11.

Lindy Walton (Committee Member)