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[quote=betty.marshall]Hi Tina,
If you have not already completed the lessons in An Introduction to Braille Mathematics, you should contact the National Federation for the Blind for information regarding the Nemeth course.
Yes, it is difficult, but will broaden your knowledge base and should (since there are few certified Nemeth transcribersres) result in further transcribing opportunities.
If you have already completed the lessons, then no, we cannot give any advice on the certification exam.

I was told this has a lot to do with Braille Formats also. So I have not taken the lessons yet and while I do take the lessons then I can get advice from here on the formats correct?
I do not have a teacher or someone to work with as of yet, I am still trying to make a decision on whether or not to attempt. 😉
So thank you to all who do give me advice.