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Lindy Walton

The decision whether or not to retain special typeface in the braille edition is the first step to my answer.

For clarity, we are often told to ignore typeface. Look at the list of "Special Typefaces Ignored" in Rule 3.1.a of BF97.
The list that follows that one--3.1.b "Special typefaces retained"--includes "words, phrases, or clauses to which particular attention is drawn" which of course makes sense. Without seeing your actual print document, I am guessing that all items enclosed in parentheses in this section are printed in italics, although I see that your simbraille in item #40 does not italicize the numerals.

I suggest that the parentheses are enough to draw attention to the items (are they answer choices?) and that by ignoring the italics you will be doing your reader a favor. A transcriber's note at the beginning of this section stating that "items in parentheses are printed in italics" gives you permission to do so.

Here are my direct answers to your two questions:

A. There is no rule prohibiting the use of the English Braille italic indicator for words or phrases which are enclosed within grouping signs.

B. Because is no mention of typeface in NC Rule, II, §10 we can assume it not a factor in the definition of an enclosed list.