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Do I recall correctly? Are you writing on behalf of the inmates in a prison braille program? I think I remember your name in that connection but please excuse me if I'm mistaken. Thank you for attaching the print page. It is very helpful. The first choice for material of this type is to present it as a tactile graphic. It should be drawn and the appropriate information should be included in the drawing. Is there some reason why this is not being done? There is a set of guidelines that can be downloaded from the BANA website if you need further information about this. You can also ask at the Tactile Graphics section of this forum.

However, if that is not possible and you are instead going to describe this I would NOT include the information about colors as suggested in the transcriber's notes. Of course the pie chart and the bar graph is transcribed separately. After the title simply say in the transcriber's note that the pie chart (or bar graph) has been omitted in braille and the information is brailled as as list. Then braille the items in a simple list. When you do the bar graph, indicate which numbers are approximate since they have to be judged visually as they fall on the bar graph. The listed items might look like:

Irish: 1,887 people
German: 6,919 people
Braille the attribution after the last item with no blank line. The attitribution (Source) is brailled 4 cells to the right of the beginning of the preceding braille line.

The pie chart has no atttribution. In the transcriber's note you could says that each year is followed by the number of committees, amd when you braille that, show which of the numbers is approximate.

1990: 60 (approximate)
1992: 150
1994: 250 (approximate)