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Thank you for sending the print page. That is exactly what is needed here. Do not confuse transcriber's notes with captions. Picture captions are placed where appropriate in the text. A careful reading of the text is the only way to tell where that appropriate placement is. My suggestion for this page is to place all the picture captions after the final paragraph on the page. See Rule 17 Section 2 regarding captions. The caption is in 7-5 and it consists ONLY of the caption as printed. If additional description or information is added, that is a transcriber's note and it would start in the a new 7-5 paragraph enclosed in transcriber's note indicators. Do NOT use the transcriber's note indicaotor with picture captions.

In this case, I would show each picture caption, one following the other, in a separate 7-5 paragraph.

Picture: [actual caption]
Picture: [actual caption]

Each caption starts in 7 with runover in 5. No blank lines in between.

Note that on other pages, the picture captions will be placed in other locations according to what is appropriate to the text. Captions are usually placed immediately following the paragraph that refers to them. But read carefully. Sometimes it makes more sense to place the caption before the paragraph instead of after it. Sometimes an additional description in the form of a transcriber's note is also necessary. Do not simply place all picture captions at the end (or beginning) of a print page. Each caption must be placed where appropriate according to the text on that page.

Feel free to send more pages if you have any further questions.