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Chris Clemens

Is there a question here? I'm having difficulty finding it.

See the BANA press release on 2011 Formats, which can be found at the BANA website It states that 2011 Formats supercedes ALL PREVIOUS Formats and all formatting rules in EBAE. ALL PREVIOUS includes the 2007 update. So everything you're referred to does not apply. If you are using 2011 Formats and you do not have any outstanding work being done with 1997 Formats, it's time to recycle.

That leaves the general question you are asking about math symbols in Braille Formats. The symbols list in Appendix G is simply a list of symbols to use as a reference. It is not, and not intended to be, guidelines about when and how to use them.

In each section of 2011 Formats, guidelines are given that include the use of special symbols when appropriate to that section. If any special symbols are needed for the specific book or page you are working on, go to the appropriate section in 2011 Formats. Special symbols usage for that situation will be given there, in that relevant section, along with instructions for usage. See the post on this forum regarding the old Rule 5, which discusses this same issue.

If you have a specific question about specific symbols, please send the print page(s) and we will address the issue.

Part of the process of becoming acclimated to these new guidelines is learning the new locations of familiar material and getting used to the way these new guidelines are presented.