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The attachment worked just fine and the print page is very helpful. As it turns out, this question is really about Formats. Foreign Language is formatted as a textbook. The only exception occur with issues unique to foreign language. That is not the case here. The foreign language here doesn't make any difference in how this is handled. So let's take a look in the new Formats at example 19-1 on page 19-3 in, you guessed it, Section 19. The example shown there is exactly this same type of puzzle called Number-Coded Words. Follow the format given there and start each "word" with the number sign. Connect the numbers within a word with a hyphen without the number sign. Write a TN that explains this usage and place it before the first sentence.

The example in Formats does NOT show letters that are filled in. Show the letters in parentheses, WITHOUT the letter sign, immediately following the number. Make sure that this is also explained in the TN. When you have more than one "word" as you do in B. at the bottom of the page, have a space in between and use the number sign at the beginning of each "word" after the space that separates the words. Use the quotation marks as shown in print, with the open quote before the number sign of the first "word."

Here's the braille for the "word" in sentence #1. Note that e is number 12 and it follows the 12; r is number 4 and it follows 4.


Don't forget the TN and the space before and after each "word."

Thanks to Lynnette Taylor for help with this one!