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I did not read the Formats section carefully and asked for help. Look at all of Section 5 very carefully. Most of the material in this section is new. Bold italics is treated in sections 5.1-5.4 especially. Look at the examples.

Section 5.1.4 lists new symbols to be used for multiple attributes. Notice the double bold italics indicator, 46,456,46,46. This is the double indicator to use that indicates BOTH italics and bold in a series of 4 or more words. The closing indicator is a single italic, followed by a single bold.

Here is your first series of 4 or more bold italics words:

After I finished my work,

[simbraille]._..,AF ,I F9I%$ MY ._."W1[/simbraille]

See Section 5.4 for various combinations of italics and boldface. An entire series of 4 or more words in both bold and italics is not shown in examples, but the double bold italics indicator addresses that situation. Closing is done by using each closing symbol for the type of emphasis being closed.

Other types of font atttibutes, such as colored type, underlining, highlighting and so forth use the termination indicator and are handled entirely differently. This entire section on font attributes needs to be studied as it is being used, especially for the first times. Almost all of the material in it is new.