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Hi Betty,

I'm really glad you sent the print page. This rule says 3 different things about cross references.

First, a cross reference with no page number that is shown following an entry must be brailled as part of the entry. That is what I see on this print page. Each cross reference follows a single entry, which may be a main entry or subentry. Each of these should be considered part of that entry and continued on the same line just as the rule says, as if it were part of that entry.

Seond, a cross-reference WITHIN a subentry must be braille as part of the subentry. I don't think I see any like that in your print page, but these would also be part of that entry if there were any.

Third, when a cross reference is shown AT THE END OF A LISTING OF SUBENTRIES, it is brailled as an additional subentry. Your cross references follow individual entries. The ones in the Formats examples are at the end of the group of subentries.

To clarify, the Formats examples shows the subentries under each main entry and separates them with a semicolon, instead of printing each on a new line. It's a very common arrangement. But those are all subentries just the same, and the cross references appear at the very end of that listing of subs. And that's why it is brailled as a new subentry in the example. This is not the same situation that you have in your print example.

Hope this helps.