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Dear Julie,

The TG Guidelines manual is online and can be either viewed online or printed. The TG Supplement of Examples is an additional document that accompanies the manual. The plan is for it to be available for purchase from the American Printing House (APH). APH is in the process of making arrangements for the production of this book and will send out a notice to let everyone know when it can be purchased. The Supplement is comprised of 35 print and braille examples illustrating various points covered in the TG Guidelines manual.

In answer to your other question about "blank space around labels on a Cartesian graph"
- 5.10.5 states, "Label placement needs to be at least 1/8 inch and no more than 1/4 inch from the compoent to which it belongs."
- states that "...some of the numbers can be omitted from the vertical and horizontal axis lines (only even numbes or only odd numbers). A TN note explaining the omission is not necessary..."
- 8th bullet states, "Plotted points on lines or objects must be distince from the lines or objects on which they are placed. It is use 1/8 inch blank space all around a point to separate it from the surrounding material."
- 8th bullet states, "...coordinate point lables such as A, B, C, D should be placed to the top left of the points to which they refer. Where a label would cover or interfere with vital information (e.g. grid or axis line), the label may be placed to the top right of the point/line. If neither position is possible, the label should be placed to the bottom left or, lastely, bottom right of the object."

Hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions. Diane