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Dear jbb,

The TG Guidelines state that all tactile graphics should be considered spatial regardless of whether they are literary, textbook or nemeth transcriptions. The TG Guidelines state--" Braille page numbers should be written in the last cells of line 25 of the graphic page, with no fewer than three blank cells left between the last line of text and the braille page number." Idealy there should be enough room on the page for a blank line after the graphic (line 25) so that the "blank line" requirement is followed. However, if the entire 25 lines are needed in order to present the graphical information, it is OK to have the graphic extend into line 25 as long as there are the required 3 spaces before the braille page number. This presentation is preferred instead of dividing the graphic between 2 pages.

There was no attachment so I couldn't see your example. If you will repost with your examples I'll take a look at them and give you further feedback.