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Lindy Walton

Hi Patty. It's good to come up with a format for this right away, and check to see if you can continue to apply it as the guided practices vary throughout the book.
I have a long answer to your question.

Since we cannot easily apply the usual Nemeth formats to this one, I am going to go out on a limb and suggest a format that reflects some of the new layouts given to us in Braille Formats 2011. I think you will find the result to be easy to read, with the illustration clearly belonging to the itemized problem, and can be confidently applied to similar problems that may be more involved later in the book.

The bigger picture is that, in 1-3 (NC itemized), braille the numbered problem and its conclusion.
In this example, that will be "1. Evaluate {28+[(2x4^2)/8]}. So, {28+[(2x4^2)/8]} = ____."

Interrupt before "So, ..." with the guided practice portion, using the ideas behind displayed material (with indented right margin) and nested lists from BF2011. I think this is what your colleague was suggesting. Like this:
With a blank line before and after the five-step guided practice (BF), put "Write the expression. Find 4^2. Multiply. Divide. Add." each in cell 5;
put each of the five math problems in cell 7;
put the comments in cell 9.
This particular example has no runovers in the guided portion, but I expect you will come across some that do, in which case *all runovers to the displayed portion will go in cell 11 (BF). Ignore the purple lines drawn below the steps.

After a blank line (BF), "So, ..." will go in cell 3--the runover cell for the itemized problem (NC).

I have attached a print rendition of this format, to --hopefully-- clarify what I am suggesting.

Your ideas: Alignment as in print is reserved for problems that need to be solved vertically (spatially). This example does not meet that criterion. Reserve the use of guide dots for tables.
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