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[quote=SBorboa]In my opinion there is no good answer for a specific period of time it takes to learn the braille code.
There are several factors to consider:

Is the braille student also working a part or full time job.
How many hours in a day are devoted to study
How many days in a week are devoted to study
Different people learn at different speeds
Different people have different learning styles
How quickly is the braille student able to receive feedback on lessons
and so on.

I've known people that have taken anywhere from 4 months up to 2 years or more to complete the course.

The real question I have here is, why is the time it takes to learn the code even a factor.
What's most important is that they do learn it and understand how to implement what they have learned.
Are there some time restraint factors in your situation that need to be considered?


I am so sorry I didn't state the question properly. I meant for sighted people that work with braille students. This would be to transcribe the students work.
I may be confusing the question. 🙂