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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not refer to 1997 Formats. Those rules are no longer in effect and they don't help. It doesn't matter what the rule used to be. If it is still in effect, it will be in the 2011 Formats. It's not in 2011 Formats, it's no longer in effect.

One of the big changes in Notes is location in braille. They are now located at the end of the print page. The single asterisk note is on the same print page and it should not be repeated. The type of indicator (the asterisk) lets the reader know that each time ON THE SAME PRINT PAGE, that asterisk refers to the same note. This is the same way the print reader would read it. It would look pretty strange in print if the note were repeated each time it was referred to. The new guidelines give the braille reader access to read the notes the same way that print readers do. Braille readers don't need to see the same thing repeated one after the other either. The second note, with the double asterisk will also appear in the same location in braille, at the end of the print page after the separation line. The double asterisk in both places, in the text and at the note itself, tells the reader which note refers to which reference, just like print.

If the reference to the same note is again given on a DIFFERENT PRINT PAGE, see 16.5.5 Notes on a different page. (Which is NOT the case in your print.)

For the sidebar, see 12.3.1 AND Sample 12-3. Ignore the arrows in braille and use them as a guide for the best placement of the sidebar.