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In the middle of a sentence! Egad! I had no idea. In that case, let's leave it in. And now that I think of it, your TN is at the end of page 88, the last page with text before the fun starts. Run your TN where it falls on line 25. It explains that text is continued on page 89. Next braille page there is no print page number! It isn't page 89. The captions begin. Now the reader knows that this MUST be a new print page because there is no number, the text has been interrupted and your TN said the text would continue on page 89 and this new braille page sure isn't page 89. And there are captions that interrupt the sentence he or she was just reading!

I'm sorry. Guess I wasn't clear. The only reason we have page turn indicators is to announce the next print page. When you ask how the reader knows you turned a page that can't be identified, what difference does it make? The fact that you have arrived at the next braille page and there is STILL no print page tells the reader we're still in the land of no print page numbers. In that case, what does ANYONE refer to? What would the print reader refer to? In the absence of page numbers, that EVERYONE can refer to, both the print and braille reader will refer to the content on the those page. You know, Hey, Joanna look at the page with the windmill. Works in braille too, since you've perhaps briefly described pictures not explained sufficiently with the caption.

You can't show what isn't there. There is no way to show that the page turned right at the new braille page, but in the absence of a page number, turning that page in print is not particularly meanginful. The only thing you could do would be to run a TN that says this is a new print page. Personally, I wouldn't. I think the reader would find it annoying and intrusive because that would tell them what is obviously by reading the entire sequence. What is meangingful is the text on that new page, especially in this case. Sooner or later, either print page numbers will resume or a page change will occur where you can show it. The reader will get it. Remember the reader will see this ENTIRE situation, not just that one little place where the print page turned in a place where it couldn't be directly shown.