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Don't be afraid to do what it says.

questions and answer choices should be on the same page regardless of the amount of blank space on the previous page.

So why are you counting lines? Stop!

[color=#ff6600]What if that question had no answer choices and only 1 line was available on the previous page? Can I split the question between pages or should I move the question down to the next page.
Why would you do that? If the exercise is supposed to be on the same page, that means an exercise that consists only of a question. That should stay on the same page as well.

Formats is not about SAVING space. Formats is about USING space in a way that promotes maximum access. That means in in the clearest way possible for the reader. It means, in this case, no going back and forth from the previous page to get the point of the question.

It is obvious to me that you understand this guideline very well and yes it means what it says.