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I agree with the formatting you have applied to these foreign language samples. For instance, the foreign language in the English context is contracted with general accent indicators. The foreign language passage is uncontracted and uses special symbols for the accented letters.

The pronunciation uses conventional diacritics and that is very well done.

The pronunciation key summary should be done just as if the words were English. I know that the guidelines suggest following the print format, but it assumes some sort of column/list arrangement. In this case, you are certainly correct to follow print and separate each entry with the slash. However, I would suggest that you consider modifying the format and changing this to a list format without the slashes. If you choose to do that, explain with a TN. This is an unusual print format for a pronunciation key and it involves foreign language words. In this case, the transcriber may make such a change for the sake of clarity.

That's just a suggestion ...