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Hi, Fred. These are very interesting questions.

1. Do not raise the ordinal ending. I believe the Foreign Language Interim Manual tell us to insert a letter sign, but because the numerals are Nemeth, the ELI is not needed.

2. Follow print with the location and spacing of the dollar sign. This symbol can stand alone just fine as it is. Just don't wrap the space.
Regarding commas as decimals, the Nemeth code does address this point, calling it the "Continental decimal point." See NC §8.a. which says this: "The transcriber should be alert to the possibility that variant forms of the comma and decimal point are sometimes employed, particularly in books published outside of the United States. Although the ink print signs for the comma and decimal point differ from those used in the United States, this difference is not reflected in the braille transcription. However, a transcriber's note should be included at the beginning of the book to inform the reader of the continental usage in the ink-print edition." [4 examples]

3. Since NC has a rule, it supersedes the FL rule. Space the ellipsis.