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Lindy Walton

Hello--Joanna here from Foreign Language. This entire matter is somewhat simplified in the NEW BANA Foreign Language guidelines that have not yet been officially approved by BANA. However, I am able to advise regarding what they cover. In Nemeth, use all the applicable Nemeth rules and formatting. Do not be concerned with any overlapping of symbols between the French and Nemeth. Just as with Nemeth and standard English, the reader will get the context. In the non-Nemeth French portion of course, use the appropriate foreign language symbols and rules. The ellipses, for instance, will be unspaced in French and not in Nemeth. This also happens in a straight foreign language textbook, when the ellipses is unspaced in the foreign language and spaced in English. Same thing. Only here we have Nemeth instead of non-Nemeth English.