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Thanks for the response, Ms Worthington. As well as the call for Community replies. I hope I'm not being perceived as some sort of Braille rebel, refusing to comply with accepted norms.

I've considered using shape indicators.


[simbraille]$hn $tn $on[/simbraille]
[simbraille]$hn $tn[/simbraille]
[simbraille]$hn $tn[/simbraille]

for 431. OR, possibly using numbers, which I considered inferior because [simbraille]$100[/simbraille] implies a 100-gon.

Nemeth code allows for creating shapes for "Moon" and "Church," why not base-10 shapes?

My contention: Even though print shows 100 individual blocks that potentially could be counted by a sighted reader, with a microscope and a sharp pencil, I'll wager the vast majority of readers encounter the shape and translate it to "100" as readily as I translate "100". Further, the accepted method requires a student to "carry" across the boundaries of a braille page, whenever tactile representation in base-10 blocks wont fit on one page, which is often.

I would introduce the format via TNote, after showing the NBA method: one page for 400, and one page for 31. I can easily adapt this method to the cubes used to represent 1000 as well. I feel this would be more effective than showing top/front/side views of the identical 10-by-10 faces of the 3-dimensional 10-by-10-by-10 cube that are required to represent it in the approved method.

I am hoping for some feedback from any braillist willing to attack my thinking here.

I realize that I don't have experience teaching VI students, so my thinking process likely missed many pedagogic considerations, so I'd especially appreciate feedback from educators.

Thanks, in advance, for any feedback.