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Unfortunately I am not working directly with the student or teacher. I can see if the group that assigned it to me can go back to the teacher.

My best translation of the paragraph is:
"Following the method of the Garzanti Dictionary of the Italian Language we indicate/denote the accent (.) under non-flat words and flat words of the type figlio, vecchio, braccio, Vittoria and allegria, fotografia. In finite verb forms, however, the accent is only reported in the imperative composition with pronouns."

My research indicates that in Italian most words, called flat words, are stressed on the next to last syllable. Sometimes an accented character is used to indicate a different stress, but sometimes the reader just has to know that the word is not a flat word. This book uses the underdot to help the reader learn to recognize and pronounce non-flat words.

Is that helpful enough? or should I still try to get an answer from the teacher?