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I apologize that my reference to a Glossary was misleading. The workbooks, not just words in the Glossary, are written in Spanish.
In English math, words in contact with enclosure symbols would not contain the contractions and, for, of, the or with. Four of these dot formations are used for accented letters in Spanish.

Additionally, words would be fully uncontracted when in contact with the slash mark (accented i in Spanish) or the plus sign (accented u in Spanish).

It's possible that in these particular workbooks, I may never encounter anything more than the accented a or accented u in a word in contact with opening or closing parentheses, but anything is possible!

Is this a question more appropriate for posting in the Mathematics section? I admit I reacted to my angst about transcribing foreign language before thinking through the code hierarchy and that Nemeth would be my first line of attack!

Thanks, Joanna