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This week another question was raised about the same word al-Qaeda in the same book as described in July. We have not been using a letter sign before the al since it is connected to the word Qaeda by a hyphen and does not seem to be easily confused with the word also or the proper name Al, even when used at the beginning of a sentence. We have been using the EBAE 1994 and the Update 2007 Rule II 12.a(3)as well as the Instruction Manual for Braille Transcribing Fifth Edition 2009 Lesson 12.2. The question was raised about whether or not to use the letter sign before the al after reviewing the Lesson 12 Drill #31 Sentence 11 which is worded: 11. We read about Haroun-al-Raschid in the Arabian Nights Tales. In this Drill, the letter sign is used before the al. We are confused. Have we been brailling this correctly without the letter sign?
Thank you for your assistance.